Dressage saddle


The Syracuse combines comfort, stability and balance that allows maximum efficiency for dressage competitors.

Product characteristics:

Deep seat
Seat size: from 16’5 to 18’5
Flap size: from 2 to 5
Colours : Plain caramel, Plain black
2 long girth straps attached in a V-shape, for saddle stability. To go with the dressage saddles, Bruno Delgrange has created a leather and elastic girth to provide greater comfort for your horse.
Large front block

Product options:

Delgrange offers to fully customise your saddle in accordance with your tastes, your body shape and your horse. This will enable you to configure the saddle that suits you best, fulfilling your desires.

Cut-away® or regular flaps
Logo colour of your choice, or stamped
Round cantle or rounded fancy colored cantle

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